About us.

At E-lia, our goal is to make learning and informing as accessible as possible to everyone. We do this by sending small pieces of content through channels that are widely used by everyone, such as WhatsApp. This not only allows us to reach a very high percentage of our target audience, but also ensures that the content is much more memorable thanks to the continuous learning process.

Our story


The origin of E-lia dates back to 2021. During an informal conversation at the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam, Michael van de Watering shared with Kees van Nuland that he had developed a native app for his training agency. Although the app was completely satisfactory in terms of content, it was barely used; employees did not want to install the app on their phones, and those who did, subsequently ignored it. This gave us the idea to use existing apps on mobile phones for a learning process, where our choice quickly fell on WhatsApp.

In 2022, we developed and tested a first version of the platform with the facilities service at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. The results were unexpectedly good. Our research afterwards showed that users indicated WhatsApp is the ideal channel to receive information and learning interventions because they could easily complete these during the coffee break or on their way to work or home.

The test results were so positive that E-lia was established.

Since then, more and more organizations have been using the E-lia platform to inform their employees or to facilitate learning in an accessible manner.

This not only benefits the employees, who spend less time on learning, but also offers numerous advantages for the organization, such as cost savings and, perhaps more importantly, not unnecessarily burdening employees with training hours in their already busy schedule.

Want to know more?

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Why E-lia?

  • 85% of users view content within 24 hours of receipt.
  • 96% prefer using WhatsApp over other channels.
  • Building a module in E-lia takes an average of just 45-60 minutes.
  • Users complete a module on average within 6-8 minutes.
  • Sending a module costs less than 30 seconds.
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