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Easily communicate knowledge directly with every employee throughout your organisation. Optimize organisation to employee knowledge transfer, with a communication channel built for every aspect of the modern workplace.

Our story


E-Lia was launched in 2021, in response to workplaces worldwide struggling to maintain business as usual with a remote workforce. Almost overnight, organisations globally were grappling with the challenge of imparting necessary knowledge and skills in a timely and effective manner. We all experienced a jumble of providers aiming to solve the remote worker dilemma. But as any worker knows, these solutions often fell short.

We realised, working from home had only exacerbated existing problems with organisation knowledge transfer. Traditional employee training approaches are labour-intensive, expensive, and ineffective. The all day-training sessions are out of touch with cutting edge science on learning acquisition. And internal communication, such as daily briefings, simply remain another unread email.

Our idea is simple: optimise workplace training and internal communications by combining cutting edge science on learning acquisition with advancements in communication technology.

E-lia streamlines communication not only for the organisation, but also the employee. We put everything in one place to remove accessibility barriers. As an organisation, you can easily develop bite sized flexible learning modules that can be completed around your employees’ work schedules. More importantly, training doesn’t finish at the end of the day, with E-Lia it’s easy to schedule refresher modules to maintain and build over extended periods. With E-lia, training sessions now can be as effortless as having a coffee break with a colleague and ticking off a 5-minute learning module. We designed E-lia to be flexible and schedulable because this vastly improves information retention. For employees, accessing materials is now streamlined with everything they need to know in one place, without login.

Our solution builds upon positive appreciative theory. WhatsApp has hit over 2 billion users and has transformed how the world communicates. And unlike the low opening rates of email, WhatsApp achieves an opening rate of 98%. Rather than create a separate solution, our mantra is, ‘if it works, work with it’. E-lia is fully integrated into WhatsApp, and other major messaging platforms, to offer an organisation knowledge transfer system on a platform your employees are already using.

We are proud to offer you E-lia. A sleek solution to optimize organisation knowledge transfer for the modern workplace.

What our customers have to say

The future of learning

E-lia helps us to be more efficient and much more effective in training our end users. E-lia allows us to maintain and secure the knowledge of hundreds of trained employees and build a long-term relationship with our customer.

Michael van de Watering
Director at SYNDLE

Knowledge assurance tool

Within the ETZ, we use E-lia to secure and maintain the knowledge of our employees after they have completed a training program. The tool lends itself perfectly to securing knowledge among employees in practice.

Roland Voets
Concept director at Elisabeth TweeSteden hospital


Do you have questions about the product, would you like to learn more about the possibilities for your organisation or would you like to test E-lia yourself for 30 days for free? At E-lia we are ready to serve you. Approach us using the contact information below, or leave your contact information and a message so we can get in touch with you ourselves.