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With E-lia, you transform the way your organization learns and informs. By using WhatsApp, we make learning accessible, flexible, and cost-effective.

No extra tools needed: No login, no computer, and no new apps. We bring learning to where your people already are – on WhatsApp –

Save time and costs: Our microlearning approach ensures better results by delivering content in small, repeatable portions. Perfect for a coffee break or on the go.

How can E-lia help your organization?

Easily create your own e-learning modules within our platform or choose from our standard offerings in the E-lia Academy. Send modules ad-hoc or with a preset schedule. Monitor progress and results via our clear dashboard and share them within your organization.

Curious why Erasmus MC learns online with E-lia? Contact us for more information.


Onboarding new employees is a crucial step within employee engagement, where a lot of information needs to be shared directly. Standardize and simplify this flow of information with E-lia. Our platform helps you to precisely determine when new employees receive the necessary information.

Curious why Circus GranCasino uses E-lia for the onboarding of new employees? Contact us, and we would be happy to tell you more.


Effective internal and external communication is essential but can be challenging. E-lia simplifies this process with push notifications for communication with employees, customers, or interested parties. Whether it’s an invitation to an event or updates about system changes, E-lia ensures your message stands out.

Curious how hospitals could effectively communicate about Corona protocols with E-lia? Contact us for more insights.

E-lia offers various partnership opportunities. Integrate our platform as a white-label solution into your services, add content to our Academy, or create your own academy for your website. Our platform can help your business grow.

Interested in the possibilities or curious about our current partnerships? Feel free to contact us!

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Why E-lia?

  • 85% of users view content within 24 hours of receipt.
  • 96% prefer using WhatsApp over other channels.
  • Building a module in E-lia takes an average of just 10-15 minutes.
  • Users complete a module on average within 3-5 minutes.
  • Sending a module costs less than 30 seconds.
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